3 Best Wireless Guitar System in 2021

If you want to connect your guitar to a computer or an amp without the trailing cords, then having a wireless system is the way to go.

Wireless guitar systems have been on the rise in recent years because of their convenience and connectivity.

When choosing between the various wireless systems available, you’ll have to consider several factors, including type, frequency, range, latency, and more.

Check out our wireless guitar system reviews and comparison below to help you decide which one is a good fit for your needs.



1. Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System



This is our top choice for overall best wireless guitar system for the money.

When you’re looking for a wireless system for your guitar, you want range and reliability. The Getaria 2.4GHz Wireless Guitar System offers top-notch sound quality and has up to 300-foot range so that you can walk around with no problem.

It features a built-in 1/4 inch jack and has no latency when you’re playing wirelessly, so it’s great for live shows. It has a great battery life and is very easy to use.

The system can be used with just about any instrument and also works as a headphone transmitter. This wireless system is also an excellent value for money. You will definitely get more than what you paid for with it.



  • Compatible with most instruments
  • Suitable for different types of events
  • Long range
  • Pocket-sized electronics make traveling more convenient


  • Some users have said they experienced pairing issues
  • Some people have commented that there are some minor audio problems



2. LEKATO 5.8Ghz Wireless Guitar System



This is our top choice for overall best wireless guitar system regardless of cost.

This is a very long-range wireless guitar system that’s perfect for big stage performances.

The Legato 5.8Ghz ranges over 800 meters and supports 24 devices at once, so it is ideal if you have a band or an orchestra.

This is the best wireless guitar system especially for those who perform on bigger stages.


  • The Legato system features an automatic ID function. It automatically selects the best frequency and allows you to use multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Easy to use
  • There is no need for advanced settings such as channels or frequencies.
  • The battery lasts about 12 hours, which is more than enough for a full show.
  • You can even connect it to an amp or PA system using the audio output transmitter.


  • You may experience some latency, but it shouldn’t be too bad.
  • They are a bit pricey, but they are high-quality products you will only have to buy once.



3. Lotmusic 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System



This is our top choice for the best cheap wireless guitar system.

If you want a more cost-effective wireless guitar system, then Lotmusic 2.4G is the best option for you.

The package includes two wireless transmitters and two receivers. It also comes with guitar cords and a charger for your battery.

The system has an excellent range of about 60 feet, which should be enough even for larger stages. These might not be the best wireless guitar system, but you can’t go wrong by using this with a lot of music devices or instruments.


  • The transmitter uses a standard 9v battery that last s around 8 hours.
  • It has an auto-scan feature so you can quickly select an open frequency.
  • It comes with everything you need for a wireless system (minus the guitar).
  • It’s also very easy to set up and works with most guitars.


  • The sound quality isn’t as good, but it’s about average for wireless systems in this price range.
  • You may experience some signal loss if obstructions between the transmitter and receiver, but it is uncommon.


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The best thing about using a wireless guitar system is that you don’t have to worry about cables.

Cables are the most common reason why guitars get damaged during a gig or practice session. It saves you time because setting up your equipment for a show is much faster when all you have to do is plug in a single transmitter instead of several cables.

It also makes moving around a lot easier since there’s nothing restricting any part of your body from going anywhere.

The system can run on various frequencies, so the sound will always be clear no matter where you are!

Another great thing about using wireless systems is that they’re very inexpensive compared to traditional guitar cables.

If you’re an active musician, a performing artist, or just a fellow guitar player who wants a hassle-free event experience; then it’s time to get yourself an amazing wireless system to level up your gigs!


Question and Answer


What features should I look for in a wireless guitar system?


It’s essential to find a wireless guitar system explicitly tailored to the needs of musicians or users.

To completely optimize your sound quality while performing live, ensure that it can withstand all your contact mic electromagnetic interference. Wireless systems are more expensive than cables, but you won’t regret the purchase decision if you are an on-the-go musician.

Moreover, whatever quality of the system you choose, make sure to read our reviews, so you know what works best for you.



Do wireless guitar systems affect tone?


The short answer is no.

In fact, they potentially have better effects than their wired counterparts!

This is because of the absence of cable noise and ease of exploration mentioned before.

Be open-minded to taking advantage of all that you can do with a wireless system! You’ll be surprised at what you can pull off that you couldn’t do with a cable.



How does a wireless guitar system work?


Technically, a wireless guitar system is two devices; one transmitter unit and one receiver, which plugs into your instrument.

There is input on the transmitter that you plug your guitar lead into, and then you’re ready to go.

A receiver has an input jack and a wire antenna for connecting an electric instrument and local speaker or amplified acoustic sound-making device to loudspeakers or headphones.

You can then transmit the signal from the receiver via radio waves to another location with no line-of-light sight.


Some Final Words


In a nutshell, there is no better time to get into wireless systems than right now, and we hope we helped you make the best decision possible.

We’ve compiled this evaluation to provide you with the relevant information to make an educated decision.

We want your experience to be trouble-free in every way so that you can focus on playing your best and sounding great.


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