3 BEST Guitar Capo in 2021

When many people talk about guitar, one of the most common topics is the necessity for a high-quality capo.

A capo is also known as a barre chord and it can be used to shorten the length of a particular string. This is done by changing the location of your fretting hand on a string.

A guitar capo makes it easy to play songs and melodies in a different key by changing the tonal qualities of the strings.

Players should choose from a variety of brands and styles to find what works for them, considering their playing level and other needs.

However, finding the best guitar capo is not as simple as it sounds – there are many things you need to take into consideration before deciding which one to purchase.

This ultimate guide will give you all the necessary information regarding the best guitar capos available on the market today.



1. D’Addario NS Tri-Action Capo, Black



This is our choice for overall best guitar capo for the money.

This innovative guitar capo can be used on acoustic and electric guitars with no adjustments. D’Addario’s Tri-Action Capo, Black is designed for quick, effortless operation. Most guitarists will agree that D’Addario’s Tri-Action Capo, Black is one of the best guitar capos they’ve ever used. A Tri-Action geometry ensures even tension across the fret and a quick-release mechanism for supreme convenience.


  • Stays in place well and be quickly removed without removing your hand from the position.
  • Very smooth action, no need to press hard on it
  • It can be adjusted to not press too hard on strings and avoid buzzing sounds.
  • Cost-effective, making it affordable for all musicians out there who wish to invest in something that will serve them their money’s worth.


  • It doesn’t fit all guitar types
  • It can be flimsy at times, causing strings to slip under it
  • The adjustment affects the feeling of “squeezing” the capo open more than the actual clamping strain on the neck.




2. G7th Performance 3 Capo with ART (Steel String Satin Black)



This is our choice for overall best guitar capo regardless of cost.

The G7th Performance 3 is a guitar capo designed to be easy to use and fast to open while providing excellent tuning stability. This third generation of the two series has been upgraded with an arched back design that makes it glide more smoothly across your guitar’s neck. It features a new end-button that provides smoother clamping and releasing for both right and left-handed players.

This model comes in three different finishes: Satin Black, High Polish Silver, and Satin Gold, each featuring its own distinctive look that will suit any instrument. One major plus point is the tensile strength of this particular capo, which can hold up to just about anything!


  • Made from high-quality aluminum alloy
  • Works just as advertised, with zero issues
  • The finish on this product is superb and very eye-catching


  • It needs to be held in place with the right hand while the left hand moves the neck into position, mainly due to its design and function.



3. Kyser Quick-Change Capo for 6-string acoustic guitars, Black, KG6B



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The Kyser Quick-Change capo has long been a staple of the music industry and is well known for its ease of use and simple design. It’s also one of the thinnest designs available, so it doesn’t even feel like you’re putting any extra pressure on the strings.

The versatility of this product, combined with its sleek design, makes it the perfect choice for many professional musicians, and it’s incredibly affordable price tag means that players won’t be stuck paying through the top-notch nose quality.

The product also has an adjustable tension system that allows the player to choose precisely how tight they want their capo to be, making it easy to ensure that your guitar not only sounds great but that it’s going to last a long time as well.


  • Easier to play/Slides easier over the strings due to smooth surface
  • No sharp edges or materials, no fret buzz
  • It doesn’t cause tuning issues like some other capos might


  • It can feel a bit flimsy at times, especially if you overtighten it.
  • It can cause tuning problems as it doesn’t press directly down onto the string but instead squeezes from either side (though this won’t be an issue for everyone)



Questions and Answers

Does the quality of the capo make a difference?


Capo quality is essential, but not for timbre or tone. A top-quality guitar capo could provide equal tension on the strings, be easier to operate or be constructed of more durable materials or components that can be serviced or replaced as they deteriorate.

So, for the most part, it’s about how well the capo is built. Cheap tuning issues or plastic that breaks are big problems that can quickly turn into frustrating moments if you don’t have any back-ups around, so you should probably only consider durability in your decision when it comes to quality.




How do you pick a guitar capo?


There are a few factors to look at when you’re buying a guitar capo.

First, you want one that fits properly on your fretboard and doesn’t put too much pressure on your strings or neck.

Second, you’ll want one with good adjustability, so it’s easy to get the correct tension and fit without having to make any modifications.

And finally, the better ones tend to have some padding for the part that touches your guitar’s neck to prevent damage over time. Those last two points should be considered pretty low-priority if you’re looking for something cheap, though.



Is guitar capo necessary?


Yes. If you’re interested in singing and playing simultaneously, then it’s indispensable as it allows you to play notes that would otherwise be too high for your vocal range.

Capos can also make songs easier to play because they lower string tension, making them easier on fingers and less likely to snap strings. They can be used as a tool for beginners by allowing them to focus on learning one section of the neck without having to fight against more complex areas such as the first fret.




Which guitar capo is best?


It depends on your personal preferences. Some prefer the double-sided Kyser capo, some are fine with the standard-issue Dunlop capos (both come in multiple sizes), and some like trigger-style ones like the G7th. Others are much more like D’Addario NS Tri-Action Capo, comes in various sizes and provide a tight hold while adding no noticeable tension to the neck of your guitar.

Fortunately, the Kyser Quick-Change is highly recommended because it can fit onto almost any instrument without needing to be adjusted. It has no downsides of most other models; it never comes off unexpectedly or blocks fretting beyond where you want it to be. It’s also considered the best value for beginner to intermediate guitarists because of its competitive price.

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