3 BEST Guitar Cables in 2021

Are you looking for the best guitar cable? Here is our guide to help you pick the right one.

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Good instrument cables are a must when it comes to getting a clean sound from your guitar, whether that be for a studio recording or playing live. Because of this, we’ve gone through the popular guitar cables on Amazon and picked out the best ones. Here’s our picks for the best guitar cables.


1. GLS Audio Guitar Cable

This is our pick for overall best guitar cable.

Overall this was the best cable according to our research. One of the best guitar cables you can buy. With high-quality craftsmanship, while still being affordable, it’s hard to resist.

20 feet of cable length for complete mobile freedom while playing matched with a durable tweed cloth jacket makes this guitar cable the overall best.


2. New Bee Guitar Cable

This is our pick for second best guitar cable.

Coming in second is the New Bee Electric Instrument Cable. This cable features an oxygen-free copper conductor center for the highest quality audio.

It has easy disassembly so you can repair it easily if needed. It also has a braided tweed jacket to ensure it will put up with some wear and tear.


3. H Yanka Guitar Cable

This is our pick for best cheap guitar cable.

While most cables are in the same price range, here is one that is below that ten-dollar mark. The cable jacket is made out of a flexible conductive PVC and has gold-plated connectors.

With the cheaper cable there is of course a sacrifice in cable length and quality, but not enough to inhibit any good usability.


Questions and Answers

Does Guitar Cable Quality Matter?

Guitar cable quality often does matter, but there is definitely a point where you can spend too much money.

A bad quality cable will significantly reduce the sound quality. This could be from bad materials used that do a poor job of keeping your instrument connected or a bad design that wears on the cable.

Thankfully, most high-quality guitar cables aren’t that expensive and still deliver top-notch sound quality.


What Kind of Cable does a Guitar use?

A guitar uses a cable called a mono connector. This is a 6.3mm (or 1/4″ as it is commonly referred to) that just uses a mono connection from the guitar (or most electric instruments) to an amplifier or audio interface.

This is a fairly common and universal cable in the music industry. It is used on most electric instruments and anything with an analog connection or even speakers and sound systems.


How long of a guitar cable do I need?

Cable length is usually dependent on what you are using the cable for. For at-home studios, a shorter cable will generally work considering it is close to the amplifier or audio interface.

But for sound systems and running audio for performances usually, you will want to get specific measurements to ensure you get the right length.


Why do some guitar cables have angled ends?

Angled ends are usually meant for ease of use and to make the cable last longer. An angled end usually can prevent wear or strain on fragile points of the cable. An angled end isn’t required for buying a guitar cable but it certainly can be helpful.

But just as helpful as it can be equally annoying if it’s not what you need. The angled end can easily become inconvenient if it conflicts with the functionality of the instrument.


What material is a guitar cable made out of?

Guitar cables have a wide range of materials. Most have a copper core that is used to transfer the signal. After that there are a couple places where that material will be different depending on the cable.

There can be a couple of different cable tip types. Most of the difference in material is in the cable jacket. The most common types are a braided fabric jacket or a PVC jacket. Both are fine and the quality is really dependent on the brand.


What size jack is a guitar cable?

Guitar and instrument cables are 6.3mm. The common term is just 1/4″


Are guitar cables mono or stereo?

Guitar and instrument cables can be both mono and stereo. Make sure you know which one your instrument needs before buying.


Are guitar cables balanced or unbalanced?

Guitar cables are technically unbalanced cables seeing as they only have one wire in addition to a shield.


Are guitar cables shielded?

Yes. The guitar cables have shielding to protect from interference from other electronic equipment. This shielding also adds a layer of



Guitar cables are the lifeblood and essence of a good audio setup. Whether that setup is in a home office or a real studio, having that equipment is important.

While picking out a small thing like a guitar cable can seem simple, making a decision to put your trust in a product can be an intimidating task. Hopefully, our review of the best guitar cables on Amazon will you make that decision.

Ultimately we want you to keep on rocking and to keep on creating regardless of what guitar cable you pick.

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  • Since 2006 I have used a Shielded, Twisted Pair cable connected to a TS Jack Plug as a guitar cable. Having experienced all available cable options for guitar this method is by far the most efficacious especially in the important areas of reliability and tonal preservation.

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